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  • I can’t really help how much I think about death. I try to focus on the good in every day – even on the worst of days – and remind myself the value of existing in the moment. But, while your job might revol […]

  • Some call it perseverance. Others call it tenacity. However you slice it, a wise man once claimed that you couldn’t knock it: the hustle, it seems, is in your DNA. Either you’re born with it and you thrive on the […]

  • A toxin is defined as a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms. Something toxic to our health is considered anything that might cause death or debilitation through varying degrees of […]


    What I aspire to do and what I hope to say becomes far more lucid when staring at a wide cobalt ocean on the breezy terrace of a remote island. This has nothing to do with casually boasting about my most […]